Volume & Issue: Volume 56, Issue 1, June 2023, Pages 1-219 
An Explicit and Highly Accurate Runge-Kutta Family

Pages 51-78


Mohammad Rezaiee-Pajand; S. AH. Esfehani; H. Ehsanmanesh

Distance Insensitive Concrete Crack Detection with Controlled Blurriness Using a Convolutional Neural Network

Pages 117-136


Ng Su Fen; Hoofar Shokravi; Norhisham Bakhary; Khairul Hazman Padil; Ahmad Razin Zainal Abidin

Assessment of Fire Load and Probabilistic Temperature for Office Buildings in Pakistan

Pages 193-204


Muhammad Noman; Hafiz Hilal Ahmad; Ameer Hamza; Muhammad Yaqub; Muhammad Saad Ali; Afaq Khattak

Innovative Efficient Element for Analysis of FGM Plates Using FEM

Pages 205-219


Farid Shahnavaz; Reza Attarnejad; Kooshiar Shaloudegi; R. Kazemi Firouzjaei