How many pages should an article have?

An article should have 12-15 pages with single space between lines although it is requested to prepare the text files double spaced in the first submission.

The article files should be sent as an individual file or separately?

It is preferred to incorporate the manuscript text, figures, tables and diagrams into a single file and each of them be inserted within the text at the appropriate position. But if the file become too large to upload, ones can separate it to several files for instance, a text file, a figure file and a table file. Please do not upload figures and diagrams separately in single files.

What should the title page and the main document contain?

The title page should include the title of the article and the names of the authors with their affiliations and the main document should contain all parts of the article (including title, abstract, keywords, main text, acknowledgments references and appendices) except the authors’ names.