Construction Pre & Post Analyses of Air Quality Parameters (PM 2.5/10 and CO) and Noise Levels: A Case Study of Lal Shahbaz Qalandar Underpass, Lahore, Pakistan.

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1 Department of Civil Engineering, National University of Computer & Emerging Sciences (NUCES), FAST Lahore Campus

2 Department of Sciences & Humanities, NUCES -FAST Lahore Campus


The levels of carbon monoxide (CO), particulate matter (PM2.5 / PM10), and noise levels were measured for Lal Shahbaz Qalandar Underpass for post-Environmental impact assessment. Pre-EIA monitored levels of CO, PM2.5, and PM10 of the underpass were used for the comparison. Sensor MQ7 was used for monitoring CO levels in the air, and HT608 Meter was used to monitor Particulate Matter 2.5&10. BeneTech GM1356 digital sound meter was used for noise levels. For southwest monsoon and winter seasons, CO emissions exceeded the limit for the post-EIA phase (7.85 to 8.96 mg/m3). PM (2.5) emissions exceeded the normal range both during pre/post-EIA phases. In all seasons, their emissions were constantly increasing (40 – 49 mg/m3) to the pre-EIA phase. PM(10) emissions exceeded the normal range during pre/post-EIA phases. In all seasons, their emissions were constantly been increasing (152 – 160 g/m3) during the pre-EIA phase. In the pre-EIA phase, the noise level was 81 dB(A), whereas, during the post-EIA phase, the noise level range was from 85-96 dB(A) with a maximum in spring. A significant difference existed for PM2.5 and PM10 between pre/post post-EIA data. The general trend reveals that carbon monoxide, particulate matter 2.5, and PM 10 emissions are rising


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Available Online from 22 August 2023
  • Receive Date: 15 May 2023
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