Performance of the Modified Precast Beam to Column Connection Placed on a Concrete Corbel

Document Type : Research Papers


1 Department of Civil Engineering, Isfahan University of Technology, Isfaha, Iran

2 Department of Civil Engineering, Isfahan University of Technology, Isfahan, Iran


Precast concrete structures in Iran are generally designed as continuous columns with hinged beams, thereby making them simple frames. In this system in site show walls in two directions of buildings guaranteed lateral resisting system. However, in order to obtain a seismic resisting frame, the connection between beam and column should be moment resisting and ductile, allowing the formation of plastic hinges at these connections as well as at the column base. In this paper, experimental tests were conducted for precast concrete elements with modified beam-column connection under cyclic load. The precast connection considered for this study was a semi precast beam with welded longitudinal bars to embedded plate into beam where the beam is connected to corbel with welding embedded plated to plate on the corbel. According to the results, the connection shows suitable performance until drift of 2.75% in terms of stiffness, damping and moment resistance.


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