Blast Mitigation Analysis of Semi-Buried Structure

Document Type : Research Papers


1 Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology (VNIT), Nagpur

2 IIT Delhi

3 Department of Civil Engineering, IIT Delhi


Semi-buried structures are most commonly used at first line of defense along the border between two countries. This demands investigation of their dynamic behaviour under blast loading. Herein, a semi-buried structure with foam sandwiched walls and buttresses to reduce the effect of blast is analysed. The effect of provision of different configurations of buttresses and foam core between two layers of structural wall subjected to explosive loadings is investigated using ABAQUS/Explicit®. Modelling of semi-buried structure is carried out by employing shell elements and soil is modelled using frequency independent spring-dashpot-mass model. The foam core is modelled using brick elements with reduced integration and volumetric hardening. Effect of strain rate on structural steel is modelled by employing Johnson-Cook (J-C) model. Results indicate that geometry of buttresses and foam core type governs structural response to dynamic loading. It is observed that inner wall of the structure is protected by foam provided in between walls and helps in blast mitigation. Further, it is observed that design of such structures is dependent on the correct identification of buttresses type and isolation of inner wall of structure by provision of energy absorbing materials like foam.


Main Subjects

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